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Integrated Estate Planning Education For Financial Planner

Lessons that will help grow your business and make you an expert in Estate Planning practice and marketing. This course is created for those who want to learn effective estate planning methodologies with advanced techniques easily.

Why Integrated Estate Planning?

The benefits of integrated estate planning education are plentiful. Many people overlook the value of this type of education because they believe that it only applies to complex cases. This is not the case. In fact, integrated estate planning extends to simpler cases as well. In this course, a variety of topics including the value of asset protection trusts, estates, and philanthropy will be thoroughly discussed.

Learn the skill to earn - Integrated Estate Planning

Benefits for Financial Planners

Estate planners help clients set up a way to pass on their assets to their heirs, such as establishing a trust, or planning a charitable bequest. Thus, an integrated estate planning education program will definitely play a critical role in their career growth. Many financial planners struggle with proofing their practices. Effective service approach can set one apart from competition, increase one’s revenue, and distinguish his or her practice from others. So, if you are a financial planner, make sure that you take advantage of integrated estate planning education as a valuable tool to grow your practice.


In addition, there are several reasons why financial planners need to take an integrated estate planning course. First, they need to have a thorough knowledge of estate planning principles. Secondly, they will need to understand how to use the tools of estate planning to handle special situations. Finally, they must have an understanding of the legal requirements and constraints that estate planning involves. The course may incurred learning new skills and time to complete, but it is worth it in the long run.